Michael’s Next Hearing Friday 5/25!

Please attend Michael Ververis’ next hearing, this coming Friday May 25th at 9 am.  On Jan 9 2011, Michael Ververis was yet another victim of police brutality and corruption by members of the Springfield Police Department. Michael is now facing both felony and misdemeanor charges. These are fabricated charges to cover up the officers’ violence.  

Michael’s lawyer (a fan favorite, Luke Ryan) recently filed a Motion to Dismiss, on the grounds that exculpatory video evidence had been taken from a witness by the Springfield Police Department and destroyed.  Unfortunately, the judge denied the motion.  Now its more important than ever that we show our support and solidarity with Michael and his family.  We must lift their spirits with our presence.  

Pre-Trial Conference and Discovery Hearing for Michael Ververis
Friday May 25th at 9 am 
Springfield District Court, 50 State Street, Springfield MA 
Please join us for a solidarity rally at 8:30 am on the sidewalk outside the courthouse.
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The movement for justice in Springfield is growing power and momentum.  Just a few days ago, we received the wonderful news that Judge Velis granted a new trial for the wrongful conviction of Charles Wilhite.  This is an important victory for our movement.  And only a few months ago, former police officer Jeffrey Asher was convicted and sentenced to 18 months behind bars for assaulting Melvin Jones.  These things are happening because people in our communities are getting organized and fighting back.  But there is still much work to be done.  At the end of the day, the single person that will decide both the fates of Michael and Charles is District Attorney Mark Mastroianni.   So let’s send a powerful message to Mastroianni that we are ORGANIZED, we are COMMITTED, and this movement for justice will only CONTINUE TO GROW.